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Geek Vogue News

Happy Christmas!

1st December 2010

Just a quick note to say "Happy Christmas" to all our customers! We hope you have a good Yuletide season and can find a last minute Christmas present for a friend or loved one on this site. Bring on 2009!!!

Summer's here!

1st July 2009

Now that the sun is out, the birds are singing and the girls are looking fresh, it's a perfect time to buy one of our new t-shirt designs and wear your geek with pride! Even if it rains, you'll still look cool and think of all the geek wet t-shirt competitions you can have!

Happy Summer from everyone at Geek Vogue!

Valentine's Presents

15th January 2009

Visit our Valentine's Day specials page for great gift ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for your nearest and dearest! From our cuddly geek bear through to our range of 'I love my Geek' t-shirts, you're guaranteed to find something perfect for the special geek in your life!

I Love My Geek (f)

With discounted shipping until 14th February!

Happy New Year from Geek Vogue

1st January 2009

Just a quick update to wish you all a wonderful New Year and I hope you are looking forward to a prosperous 2009!

Keep checking out the site, as there are new designs being added weekly!

Geek Coffee Mugs Available In Shop Now!

3rd December 2008

We have just added a series of geek coffee mugs to our collection in the Accessories part of the shop. If you can't get enough of our geek slogans just on t-shirts, our favourites are now being printed onto quality coffee mugs. Whether you take yours to the office, or buy one for a friend, these geek coffee cups will stand out from the crowd at your workplace, or at home!

Code All Day, Debug All Night MugI Wish I Could Ctrl+Alt+Del My Boyfriend Coffee MugAnother Release, Another Headache Mug

For more information, visit our Mugs section, within Accessories.

Christmas Geek Quiz - Coming Soon!

3rd December 2008

Geek Vogue's very own geek quiz is coming up shortly. With a variety of questions to test your geeky knowledge, it's sure to pass the hours when you're waiting for your code to compile. - check back here soon to take part.

Geek Vogue Officially Launched!

1st December 2008, London

Today Geek Vogue announced their public launch to the press and media. Offering a wealth of geeky produce to men and women, girls and boys, Geek Vogue is at the heart of the new 'geek' fashion scene.

Providing a range of quality slogan t-shirts which cater for coders, dbas, managers, gamers, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, there's something for everyone at the official website

T-Shirts aren't the only items that might take your fancy. There's also a selection of nerdy accessories including the clever (a quality tot bag), and the lovable, and fluffy, Geek Vogue Cuddly Bear, with the slogan "I Love My Geek".

Geek Vogue are always on the look-out for new designs, therefore if you have any ideas of your own that you would like to see printed, drop your slogan in an email to

Geek Vogue merchandise features a strong brand, incorporating their own geeky characiture called 'Tufty'; a representation of the cool, modern, nerd. Another strong selling point is that the majority of existing geeky clothing companies are based in the US resulting in expensive postage costs for non-US customers. Geek Vogue is based in Europe, with discounted shipping to the majority of European countries.

For more information, and to see their products, visit

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