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Valentine Gift Ideas From Geek Vogue!

Here's our selection of great gift ideas for Valentine's Day! Give the geek in your life a smile on Valentine's Day courtesy of Geek Vogue!

I Love My Geek (f)

I Love My Geek (f)

Show that you love your geek with this romantic t-shirt from Geek Vogue. Great for appeasing your man if you accidentally format his hard drive and want to be both apologetic and looking cute! Available in both men and ladies versions!

I love my geek! cuddly bear

"I love my geek!" cuddly bear

Our cuddly Geek Bear! Sporting the slogan 'i love my geek' and delivered to your boy/girlfriend just in time for Valentine's Day!

I Love My Geek Mug

"I love my geek!" coffee mug

Perfect present for the IT guy or techie in your life just in time for Valentine's Day!

Geek Lover (m)

Geek Lover (m)

Are you a geek lover?! Show your affiliation with pride with this fantastic 'Geek Lover' t-shirt from Geek Vogue. Classic cut t-shirt for men and fitted t-shirt available for women.

Fax me slow... (m)

Fax me slow (m)

Yeah - you know you want to be faxed slowly, don't you! Be cheeky and sexy with this new t-shirt from Geek Vogue! Classic brick red fitted t-shirt for girls with the phrase 'fax me slow...". Distinctive and fun! Also available in a men's comfort T-Shirt.

i love my geek thong

"I love my geek" thong

Surprise your boyfriend by wearing to bed this great sexy geek underwear! Alternatively, a great present for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day! Unique to

Love me, Love my console

Love me, Love my console (m)

A great present for the man in your life; especially if he spends more time playing on his console than playing with you! - Classic cut white t-shirt bearing the slogan "Love me, Love my console"

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